Continuity was writing a book. Robin Lanier had told her about it. She’d asked what it was about. It wasn’t like that, he’d said. It looped back into itself and constantly mutated; Continuity was always writing it. She asked why. But Robin had already lost interest: because Continuity was an AI, and AIs did things like that.

Mona Lisa Overdrive / W. Gibson

Obelisk Beta is an Artificial Neural Network (ANN) that plays with the algorithmic generation of language. The basis of the work is the theory of meme and it’s transmittance within culture by imitable media, in this case written storytelling.

All cultures develop complex explanations about observable phenomena, weaving motives, which are still prevalent in modern form. In the Obelisk Beta the ANN iterates and constructs it’s own narrative about the reality by piecing together ancient myths and their analogous counterparts – conspiracy theories. Learning and becoming a generative code that, in theory, could even without external intervention continue to serve as an ongoing practitioner of human ontological storytelling practices.

Obelisk Beta is a generative algorithm that once set up develops its language knowledge to construct narrative myth-making over pre-set time.

CODE: Python / Recurrent Neural Network; Quartz Composer projection

OBELISK_BETA from SCNCF lab on Vimeo.

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