I was luckily chosen by the academy to represent them in the First Best Media Art Diploma Work Competition and went to WRO to eat relax assemble the ugliest diploma that ever came out from my academy. Cheers to those of my teachers that believe in the subtle sensuality of cables and code.

View B-612 on WRO2015 website

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Visiting Wrocław / 16th media art biennale WRO 2015 to represent my Academy in the first diploma competition. I think this is my first time not being the programmer but an artist in such event, so relaxing. The installation took 1 day instead of 3, so I had loads of time to tag along with various members of WRO team and bum coffee of them.

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Somewhere between the tax submission date and my trip for WRO, I had the pleasure to have a little talk at the first KOS conference. The event was organised by my former tutors and friends from the pathway – Katedra Obszarów Sztuki. With more then 20 speakers, panels and concerts in the evenings, it sure was a cool place to be during 6/7 of May.

More information/photos can be found HERE.

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